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Why distribute with 3tone music?

We are the best value for money! 3tone Music distribution is just £24.99 for a whole year of unlimited releases from an unlimited number of artists. Whether you’re an artist yourself or a record label looking for a distributor, 3tone Music will get unlimited releases onto digital streaming platforms no matter how many albums, singles or EP’s you want to release through your account. We also don’t believe in charging for ISRC & UPC codes, so unlike some other distribution companies, we will generate them for you for free! We provide the best value, as well as quick responses from our friendly distribution team for any questions you may have, helping to make the release process as stress-free and enjoyable as possible.

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Will you promote my music?

We do offer packages that offer marketing and promotion services, such as sync and playlist pitching, for an additional fee.

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What audio specifications are required?

We accept music in WAV or FLAC format. Please ensure that your audio meets the following requirements:

  • HD WAV (24-bit @ 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, or 192kHz).
  • HD FLAC (24-bit @ 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, or 192kHz).
  • WAV (16-bit @ 44.1kHz).
  • FLAC (16-bit @ 44.1kHz).

We recommend that all new releases are imported using the highest resolution WAV or FLAC files you have available.

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What artwork specifications are required?

Artwork must be square (1:1 aspect ratio). Please submit artwork with dimensions of 3000×3000 pixels @ 300dpi. 

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Can I move my music to 3tone Music from another distributor?

Yes! To move your music from another distributor you will just need to upload the release in your 3tone Music account exactly as it currently appears on streaming platforms, making sure to use the same UPC and ISRC codes. When we have distributed the release and it has reached all platforms, you can then request a takedown from your previous distributor. By using the same metadata and waiting until the release is distributed before requesting takedown, it ensures that you won’t lose stream count on platforms such as Spotify, and that your release won’t come down from any platforms.

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What do I need to distribute music?

Firstly, you need the music! Please check that your audio specifications match what we require before uploading. You will also need artwork that is 3000 x 3000px. Please include the licensing information to your release, as well as credits, including the main artist and composer. You can also add any additional credits to the release, and a ‘start time’ to choose the start point of the song that you would like delivered to platforms such as TikTok.

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Can I do a pre-order campaign for my release?

Yes! As well as selecting a release date, you can also choose a ‘pre-order’ date so that your fans can buy your music ahead of the release date on download platforms such as iTunes. 

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What are UPC and ISRC codes?

We will assign UPC’s and ISRC’s to your releases (or you can input them yourself if you already have them!). A UPC is a ‘barcode’ for the release as a whole. Each individual track will have it’s own ISRC code which is delivered to streaming platforms along with your release, to track any streams, sales and royalties.

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Where can I see what royalties I have earned?

To see what royalties you have earned, log in to your 3tone Music dashboard and go to the Reporting tab. Here you will be able to view your Monthly Royalties, Yearly royalties and all royalties to date. 


You will also be able to see your earnings broken down by country of usage, source DSP and top earnings releases and tracks.

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How do I request royalties?

To request a payout of your royalties log into ‘My Account’ on the 3tone Music website, here you will see a Royalty Request button. Our team will receive your request and review your available balance, if your balance is above £50, we will process your request for payment.

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I have requested payment, when will I get my royalties?

We have a payout schedule which you can see below. This gives you the deadlines for submitting payment requests and when to expect payout. Please allow 3-5 business days after the ‘Payment Made’ date for the royalties to hit your account.

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Minimum Payout Threshold

We have a £50 minimum payout threshold, if your balance is below this amount your royalties will roll over to the following period until you meet the threshold. You can keep your royalties in your account until you are ready for payout.

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Does the money get paid straight into my account?

To minimise transaction fees we use Wise to make payouts. We will send a payment link to the email address registered to your account. Please follow the instructions in the email to securely  withdraw your royalties to your bank account. You should not be charged any transaction fees using this method, however if you are receiving money into a non-UK bank account your royalties will be subject to exchange rates.

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How can I get a detailed breakdown of all of my royalties?

If you would like to view a detailed report of your royalties, please write to our royalties team at royalties@3tonemusic.co.uk stating which month you would like to view. You will then receive a CSV file showing all of your sales data for that month.

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Payout Requests & Payment Dates Schedule

The 2022 deadlines for requesting payments and the date payments are made are displayed in the schedule below. Payments are made on the 1st of the month with possible exceptions for Christmas closure, Easter holiday periods and public holidays where payments dates are adjusted. We currently operate under one payment run per month.

Period Name   Deadline for Requesting Payout Payment Made
November 2021 20/12/21  22/12/21
December 2021 24/01/22 28/01/22
January 2022 21/02/22 25/02/22
February 2022 21/03/22 25/03/22
March 2022 25/04/22 29/04/22
April 2022 23/05/22 01/06/22
May 2022 23/06/22 01/07/22
June 2022 23/07/22 01/08/22
July 2022 23/08/22 01/09/22
August 2022 23/09/22 01/10/22
September 2022 23/10/22 01/11/22
October 2022 23/11/22 01/12/22
November 2022   23/12/22 01/01/22