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Spinning out after getting stabbed in the back by Spinnup?

Their policies have changed and they’re giving your music the boot, but here at 3tone, we’ve got your back.

Our distribution process places YOU, the artist, at the heart of everything we do. 

We’re not an invite only, members club – we believe that every artist deserves to distribute their music.



Here at 3tone, our team consists of actual MUSICIANS, who understand the struggles of the music biz – there’s no automated responses, or soul sucking corporate schmucks behind the keyboards. We’re dedicated to making the distribution process as straightforward as possible for our fellow artists – there’s no smoke and mirrors with us. 

Unlike most companies, who charge you for every release you put out, 3tone Music lets you keep 100% of your royalties. All you have to pay is a flat yearly fee, with no hidden costs. 

Because we’re so pissed off with the Spinnup situation, we’re offering a discount code for any artist who needs a new home for their music. If you use the code SPINNUPSUCKS, you can sign up to our services, and bring over your back catalogue  for just £20.00 for the entire year. 

The struggles of the industry are real enough as it is, but your tunes will always have a home with us. The Spin-off is usually better than the original anyway!