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Submitting Artwork the Right Way

So you don’t get rejected

Submitting Artwork

For audio and mixed media releases, images must be square (1:1 aspect ratio)

Dimensions of 3000×3000 pixels @ 300dpi are recommended (this is preferred by Apple Music). 

DO NOT use pictures that you do not have the licence for no one wants to get sued! 


Pushing the Limits – what is allowed on DSPs – Artwork, explicit, song titles, credits etc. 


Artwork – has to adhere to the specifications of what it is for, generally we use 3000×3000 but different DSPs and banner/cover images have different dimensions that are required. 

Explicit – The use of explicits is allowed, however, no hate speech, homophobic, racist, or otherwise universally recognised offence is allowed.

Song titles – songs titles must be consistent on across all DSPs and must not contain any hate speech of any kind 


Credits – 


Display Artist Credits – This is how the songs will appear when on DSPs

Single – the same credits must be applied at release and track level

EP/Album – The main credits can go at the release level and different credits can be put for each track, for example you can credit the producer at release level and leave it out of the tracks if preferred


However, the release level main artist must be credited on every track and featured artists do not go at release level unless they are on every single track